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Starting on Thursday - The Best of GoLocal Year End Review

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


One of the best parts of the year on GoLocal, may be our end of the year wrap-up content - it is an amazing look back at 2013, with a bit of a prediction into 2014.

The number of stories presented is immense, and covers the wide swarth of content; from those 13 Who Made a Difference in 2013, to the Man and Woman of the Year, to the 14 to Watch in 2014.

We review the biggest blunders of the year, along with the top sports, food, health, business, music and political stories. For you political junkies, please take a retrospective tour of the best MINDSETTER™ pieces of 2013 - from the most inspired conservatives to the passionate progressives.

Among the highlights, is the 13 biggest stories that GoLocal broke in 2013.

We also unveil two new awards this year - the Top Not-for-profit of the Year in 2013 and the Company of the Year.

Here is the schedule:

Thursday, December 26

13 Who Made a Difference in 2013

Friday, December 27

13 Biggest Blunders of 2013

13 Biggest Business Stories of 2013

13 Biggest Health Stories of 2013

Saturday, December 28

13 Biggest Sports Stories of 2013

13 Biggest Food Stories of 2013

13 Biggest Music Stories of 2013

Monday, December 30

Man of the Year

Tuesday, December 31

Woman of the Year

13 Biggest Political Stories of 2013

13 Best MINDSETTER™ Columns of 2013

Wednesday, January 1

Top 13 Stories of 2013

Thursday, January 2

14 to Watch in 2014

Friday, January 3

Company of the Year 2013

Non-Profit of the Year 2013

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GoLocalProv Contributors Give Thanks

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Dean Starkman

Rhode Island ratepayers can be thankful they don't have to pay extra on their electric bill for costly "smart meters," unlike their burdened neighbors in Worcester. Plus Rhode Island can be thankful it's halfway -- more or less -- through the foreclosure crisis stemming from the 2008 financial crisis. Thank goodness for small favors. On the newspaper scene, I'm thankful that...well, that there will be another Thanksgiving next year, at which time -- with any luck -- A.H. Belo's inglorious ownership of the Projo will have come to an end.'

Read Dean Starkman

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Russell Moore

Rhode Islanders should be thankful for our biggest asset—our people. On the whole, we Rhode Islanders are hardworking, generous, and know how to have fun. Rhode Island has scores of excellent non-profit organizations—such as the RI Food Bank, Rhode Island Blood Center, and South Providence Neighborhood Ministries--where people donate their money and time to help those less fortunate than themselves. We can be thankful that there are scores of businessmen and women taking risks, employing people, and creating jobs. Innovative jewelry companies like Crimzon Rose in West Warwick and Alex and Ani in Cranston continue Rhode Island’s proud manufacturing tradition while technology startups like Swipely located in Providence connect us to the future. Rhode Island is also a great place for sports fans to catch a game. Whether its the Pawtucket Red Sox, Providence Bruins, or one of our exciting college teams, Little Rhodey's sports attractions don't disappoint. And our dining and nightlife options are second to none. Those are just a few reasons we should be thankful to be Rhode Islanders.

Read Russell Moore

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Michael & Ann Martini

This year we are thankful for the respect and camaraderie in Rhode Island's food community. The sharing of information amongst chefs and farmers and fishermen has raised the level of food in our state exponentially and we look forward to seeing where these talented artisans take it from here.

Read Michael & Ann Martini, Food Editors

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Scott Cordischi

From a sports perspective, Rhode Island should be thankful for the great run that New England sports teams continue to be on. With the Red Sox World Series title, that's now 8 championships combined between the Sox, Pats, Celtics and Bruins in the last 13 years. And that total doesn't even include other deep playoff runs by those franchises during that time period. We don't know how lucky we have it with our pro sports teams!

Read GoLocal Sports

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Gary Sasse

I am thankful for:

1- The people generously working to improve the quality of life for all Rhode Islanders.

2- Rhode Island's tradition of meeting adversity by joining together to find solutions for the common good.

3- Family values

Read Gary Sasse

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Frank Barbosa

Rhode Island should be thankful for having beautiful people-- not only on the outside, but inside as well.

Read Frank Barbosa's The Look

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Amy Gallagher

We should be thankful that most large employers meet the requirements of providing suitable health insurance coverage – and that most in RI and MA are continuing to provide this coverage.

Read Amy Gallagher's Smart Benefits

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Carol Anne Costa

Where else can you pick a peck of apples in the lush foothills at daybreak, gather fresh dairy products from good Rhody cows at lunch, toss a line into a pristine lake for fresh water fish in the early evening, bring it all to any number of awesome chefs to prepare for dinner and jump in the Atlantic ocean for a late night swim? Only in Rhode Island! RI should be thankful for its size, its farmers, its natural resources, its diversity,its spirit and above all its motto.... Hope!

Read Carol Anne Costa

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Cristiana M. Quinn

I think Rhode Islander's should be thankful for our long history of tolerance and open-mindedness, from Roger Williams' stand on religious freedom to this year's Marriage Equality Act.

Read Cristiana M. Quinn's College Admissions

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John T. Longo

The Pope recently praised capitalism but said we have to make sure it does not lead to the powerful feeding off the powerless. We should be thankful we have elected nationally recognized consumer rights advocates - like Senators Reed, Whitehouse and Warren - who understand that. They pass up media attention and lobbyist’ money to work on issues that really affect hardworking people. That’s true public service.

Read John T. Longo's Legal Matters

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Lisa Blais

Our political theatre with its unique, quirky ways filled with many colorful personalities! Seriously though, everyday taxpayers have opportunities to engage our elected officials and political candidates due to our small size which just might provide promise for the future of little ol' Rhody. Oh yes, and that we haven't gone over the brink (yet). RI should also be thankful for our fierce protection of freedom of speech and thirst for knowledge about current events brought to us with thanks to some RI radio personalities, state house coverage from Projo and our own GoLocalProv.com! And, for our generosity for those less fortunate. Wishing everyone a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving

Read Lisa Blais

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Frank Crandall

Rhode Islander’s should be thankful that we live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country bounded by over 400 miles of scenic coastline. Regardless of the challenges we face, our people continue to move forward, innovate and strive to succeed and be happy. That indomitable spirit is what separates our community from many others. On this Thanksgiving let’s all give thanks for living and working in RI.. the best little state in the country!

Read Frank Crandall's Landscape Now

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Leonard Moorehead

RI gardeners have never had it so good! We have just the right amount of sunshine, rain, warmth and cold to grow a multitude of fruits, vegetables, berries and herbs. Toss into the salad bowl our multi-cultural heritage of peoples and cultures for eye popping gardens. From a single pot to enormous plots, the urge to grow your own happens in RI.

Read Leonard Moorehead's Urban Gardener

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Donna MacDonald

Rhode Island should be thankful for its delightful assortment of unique clothing boutiques in quaint villages scattered across the state. These small shops keep the Rhode Island woman as chic and sophisticated as her big city sisters, affordably and with artisan quality. Fashionable trifles and touches found right in the short square miles of our collective backyard!

Read Beauty Expert, Donna MacDonald

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Kristin MacRae

Due to the fact that the RI economy has not been doing well, I'm thankful that RI still has a bright outlook as being a beautiful state with good resources for travel and tourism.

Read Kristin MacRae's Organize + Energize

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John Rooke

Rhode island sports fans should be thankful for an improving local basketball scene... PC, URI, Brown, and Bryant are all competitive. And that hasnt been the case for a while!

Read GoLocal Sports

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Didi Lorillard

I'm deeply thankful to live on beautiful Aquidneck Island where the sky is never the same color, where people and winds change with the season. Newport is an awesome place. It's not just about the beautiful houses and excellent restaurants, the farms and vineyards, it's about a gentle population whose hearts are filled with goodwill. You find small communities within the community where one can play tennis at the casino year round and help collect food pantry goods for the Martin Luther King Center in the same day. When we work together, we keep out the corporate gambling casinos and stand fast on a local noise variance. Islanders are constantly networking to maintain and improve Newport's integrity for all of us, our children and grandchildren.

Read Didi Lorillard's Newport Manners

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Julia Steiny

RI should be thankful for those people who are deeply committed to trying to improve the welfare and education of its children under incredibly adverse circumstances.

Read Julia Steiny

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Rob Horowitz

We Rhode Islanders should be thankful this year and every year for our high quality of life--our beautiful and accessible beaches, our great restaurants, our state parks, our rich arts sector and most of all, the true sense of living in a close-knit community. with real human connections that enrich all of our lives. We should be especially thankful this year because state officials put the time and energy into setting up our own state health exchange and as a result more of us will have health insurance next year.

Read Rob Horowitz

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John Simpson

This year and every year, Rhode Island should be thankful for founder Roger Williams. Champion of religious liberty and freedom of conscience when such things were unthinkable, respectful and respected friend of the Narragansetts and other tribes, and very early abolitionist, Roger Williams was far, far ahead of his time in 1636. Heck, if he were born today, he'd still be ahead of his time. A remarkable man.

Read John Simpson's Dear John

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Dan Lawlor

"You, you come from Rhode Island, little old Rhode Island, it's famous for you!" -Erin McKeown (song)

The people of the Ocean State do so much good - from the fight against malnutrition internationally lead by Providence based Edesia to the state's Coalition for the Homeless's years long struggle to provide housing for all Rhode Islanders. I am in awe of the energy and genuine creativity modeled by people across the state, in big and small ways. May every political leader gain the chutzpah of our community advocates!

Read Dan Lawlor's Side of the Rhode

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Stephen Beale

Rhode Islanders should be thankful they were spared the specter of a second municipal bankruptcy. Woonsocket came close earlier this year, but thanks to the hard work of local and state officials, along with the sacrifices of countless city workers, the Ocean State’s sixth largest city was able to navigate its way through troubled financial waters—leaving it to Detroit to become the national poster child for municipal insolvency.

Read Stephen Beale


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Michael Trenn

What happened to the survey on Obamacare? I wanted to look at it again, but it is nowhere to be found. Lots of good reason to be skeptical,apparently.You are still carrying, after several days, the 10 things article about Raimondo. In a story related to the the health care survey, 80% of Rhode Islanders believe that the Pope is a Catholic.

Michael Trenn

Mr. Longo: are you serious? Do you really think that the trio of Progressives that you are thankful for, actually passes up lobbyist money so that they can work for us? Please. There was one Senator thst you mentioned who got big bucks from the banking industry, not that you "journalists" cover it. It was so egregious that a radio host calls him "Senator Greed." I'd be more thankful if we had better people in public office.

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